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I have helped people with their insurance needs since 1988. My clients have come from every corner of Washington State and many abroad who travel the world or are visiting Seattle.

As an independent Agent I work for you not the insurance company. Over the years I have held positions on the board of directors for many industry trade organizations as well as charity and service clubs.

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These clients just like you needed help with protection such as medical insurance, Medicare supplement coverage, life insurance and travel insurance.


Today's complex insurance environment has gotten more and more difficult to navigate. Let us help you find the right match of benefits, cost and coverage for you. There is no such thing as the best insurance, only the right coverage for your specific situation. Call us for help with:

Medical Insurance

Medicare Supplement

Life Insurance

Travel or International Plans

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 New insurance coverage has been developed to fill in many gaps in coverage as well as outside expenses that come along when an illness strikes.

Many American adults are hospitalized for sickness or injury more than once during their lifetimes. Fortunately, this occurrence is becoming less common. Between 2005 and 2014, the number of annual inpatient hospital stays in the
United States decreased from 37.8 million to 35.4 million.

The flip side is the average cost of a hospital stay increased substantially during the same time period. In 2005, the mean cost per inpatient stay for an individual aged 65 to 74 was $12,800. By 2014, the mean cost per inpatient stay had increased by 10.5 percent, to $14,3001.

An expensive hospital stay can result in out of-pocket costs not covered by major medical insurance, threatening the financial security of
people who are not financially prepared.  These new plans can provide peace of mind and help protect your finances in case of an unplanned hospitalization.

Benefits can follow in the listed types of situations and are paid directly to you. The money you get can even be used to pay any alternative expense if you feel that would be better for you.

Hospital overnight stay

First diagnosis Cancer

Ambulance services rider 

$5,000 lump sum cancer rider

Outpatient rehabilitation/

therapy rider

Skilled nursing facility rider